About Healing Quest

Healing Quest has been airing on PBS stations around the country for 13 seasons. We are dedicated to providing useful, well-researched information on the expanding array of new choices available to help achieve optimum health – a level of wellness that transcends the mere absence of illness and encompasses maximum well-being of mind, body and spirit.

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About Roy and Judy:

Judy Brooks brings decades of expertise in media and integrative health to her role as creator and executive producer of Healing Quest, the acclaimed series of weekly half-hour programs on PBS stations exploring the latest on natural approaches to well-being. She and Roy have produced 5 PBS Pledge Specials in the health and wellness space. Before launching Healing Quest, Judy created and produced Broken Wings, a nationally-distributed series on new approaches to healing domestic violence, and Peace Kids: The China Trip, a major documentary for PBS stations on a grass roots effort to foster peace between the U.S and China. In San Francisco she served as the “Mind, Body, Spirit” reporter for the NBC affiliate’s Bay TV. She also hosted and produced the radio show “The Intuitive Connection” on spiritual and integrative healing and wellness. In addition she is a Reiki Master and Alchemical Hypnotherapist.

Roy Walkenhorst holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He began his career at major daily newspapers in St. Louis and New York. At NBC affiliate KCRA-TV in Sacramento he produced and anchored daily newscasts, served as a general assignment reporter, and produced mini-documentary series and full-length documentaries on Iran, Germany, Switzerland and Holland along with various topics in California. He founded News Travel Network in 1981 where he pioneered consumer-oriented travel reporting with the Consumer Travel Reports, which aired in on newscasts in leading U.S. markets. His NTN productions eventually produced numerous series on travel and the environment that were distributed nationally and around the world.

Lightbridge Productions was founded in 1998 by Judy and Roy and Healing Quest premiered on PBS stations in 2003. The program was among the first to accurately describe and demystify dozens of new approaches to wellness and healing.

Brooks and Walkenhorst have interviewed, profiled, and collaborated with many of the best-known names and institutions in integrative health including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. James Gordon, Dr. Mammet OZ, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Princeton, Yale, UCLA, Columbia, NYU, and Stanford.   Their overseas reporting has taken them to London, Prague, Budapest, and Vietnam.

They have produced hundreds of segments on topics ranging from yoga, acupuncture, and homeopathy to light, sound, and energy healing, trauma recovery, general nutrition and “superfoods.” Over its 13 seasons, Healing Quest’s reporting has earned it recognition as an important source of information and inspiration for those exploring new ways to achieve nutritional, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

About RFI Ingredients

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